Starting school is an exciting and challenging time for children. ​​​​​​​

Our aim at Hume Anglican Grammar, is to ensure that all our students are given the necessary support and security so they can take that step happily and confidently. Last week, we warmly welcomed our new Prep students into our School community. It was a smooth start for our 2021 Preps at the Mt Ridley campus, who began on their path of learning this year. There were lots of smiles and excitement from our new students and a few emotional parent’s farewelling their child on their first day.

Our Prep students have settled into their new school environment and had a fabulous first week of school. The learning needs of our young students are particularly unique as they move from a concrete, exploratory stage of learning to more abstract, formal learning. Our Prep classrooms provide a safe yet stimulating environment where the children engage in developmentally appropriate activities. We recognise the need to nurture and promote the physical, social, emotional, as well as the intellectual development of our students.

Our Prep students have already established some new routines of being at school and have been complimented for their excellent manners, behaviour and enthusiasm during their Specialist classes as well as in the Homeroom. A big thank you to the Prep teachers who have created a nurturing and welcoming environment for our Prep students to participate in new and exciting experiences every day. As the year progresses we will notice the increasing confidence in the students as they build their knowledge and skills. A very warm welcome to all of our new school community members.

Nadine Moran - Head of Student Wellbeing P - 2

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