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Co-curriculum (7-12)

Ballet Training

Hume Anglican Grammar aspires to empower authentic leaders for the future, shaped within a vibrant, safe and innovative learning environment.

Extra activities are an integral component of a student's overall holistic education. We believe that such activities, wisely selected, will contribute to a student's attainment of educational outcomes, allowing them to foster specific skills, team collaboration, as well as leadership and values. These can be translated to their daily lives now and in the future. We are strongly committed to offering a variety of co-curricular activities across the school, so that our students have a broad and rewarding educational experience. Some of these experiences are formalised through participation in competitions or performance opportunities, whilst others are less structured and offered at school, during lunchtimes or after school.

Below are just a handful of co-curricular opportunities offered to students in the Secondary years:

  • Aged Care Partnerships
  • Aim High Club
  • Bands & Ensemble Groups
  • Chess Club
  • Coding Club
  • Debating
  • Drama Club
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Italian Study Tour
  • Robotics Club
  • School Productions
  • Social Justice & Community Service
  • Sports:
    • AFL
    • Basketball
    • Cricket
    • Hockey
    • Netball
    • Soccer
    • Swimming Squad
    • Table Tennis
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
  • Students Playing Bongo Drums
    Students Playing Bongo Drums
  • Hume Anglican Grammar T-shirt
    Hume Anglican Grammar T-shirt
  • Ballet Duet
    Ballet Duet
  • Guitar Lesson
    Guitar Lesson
  • Australian Football
    Australian Football
  • School Girl Leaning Against Pole
    School Girl Leaning Against Pole