Online Enrolment Application

Hume students on the move

Families wishing to make an online application to Hume Anglican Grammar can do so below and must ensure that the following compulsory items are with you prior to commencing your online application. Applications without relevant documentation will not be processed.

  • Birth Certificate 

  • Immunisation History Statement 

  • Two Recent School Reports 

  • Previous NAPLAN Results (where applicable) 

  • Visa/Citizenship/Passport Documentation (for any applicant and parents not born in Australia) 

  • $110 Application Fee (non-refundable administration fee) 

Conditions of Enrolment

1. A child’s name will be registered following the payment of a $110 application fee, This fee covers administrative costs and is non-refundable.

2. A $1,500 establishment fee is to be paid upon acceptance of an offer of enrolment. The establishment fee comprises a $500 refundable bond and a $1,000 non-refundable enrolment fee. The bond will be held free of interest for the period that the student is at the School. If the student does not commence and the enrolment is not deferred, the bond is forfeited and non-transferable. If the student is transferring from another school you authorise Hume Anglican Grammar to obtain from that school other information as we may require. All student enrolments are subject to an initial 3 months probationary period of attendance. At the Principal’s discretion the School may immediately terminate the enrolment of any student for violating School policy. 

3. Tuition Fees are charged termly and due on the First Wednesday of each Term. Fees are subject to annual review by the School Board and, where possible, notice of any alteration will be given in advance. The termly account includes a voluntary tax deductible donanation to the Building Fund. School fees may be paid annually, termly, monthly or fortnightly but it is expected that all fees would be paid in full by the first Wednesday of each Term. The Business Manager is authorised by the School Board to take such action as deemed necessary to recover fees or charges, including interest and recovery costs. 

4. The School requires a minimum of one full term written notice before a student is withdrawn from tuition (including at the end of a school year), otherwise a terms fees will be charged in lieu. If a student leaves during a term, no refund will be made for the remainder of the term.

5. In the event of an accident or illness when it is impractical to communicate with a parent or guardian, the Principal or representative may authorise medical, surgical or other treatment considered necessary.

6. Students returning to the School from holidays must join their classes on the dates fixed for commencement. Students are not permitted to leave school at the end of a term until the recognised closing date, except with prior permission and under special circumstances. No reduction in fees can be made due to temporary absence from the School.

7. The School reserves the right to exclude any student permanently or temporarily, at the sole discretion of the Principal, if this action is in the interest of the student or for the good of the School.

8. On occasion, student photos from pupil activities such as sports days or musicals and other news is published in school newsletters, yearbooks, on the School website, local media outlets and the School’s social media accounts.

9. Camps and excursions are an integral part of the School curriculum and attendance is compulsory. Participation in the Religious and Values Education (RAVE) program is compulsory, as is attendance at Chapel services and other celebrations such as the Easter and Carol Services and Presentation Night.

10. The School does not hold health insurance to indemnify accidental injuries of students. Parents who wish to insure their children for accidental injury that may occur at Hume Anglican Grammar, or as a result of curricular or extra-curricular activities, may undertake this privately.

Parent / Guardian Declaration

In proceeding with this online application, I/We request that our child be registered for enrolment at Hume Anglican Grammar. We have read the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment (above) and noted the contents. We jointly and severally agree to abide by these and any regulations from time to time in force at the school and to pay all fees and other monies falling due to the school in respect of the child enrolled.

In proceeding, I/We agree that the information submitted in this application will be true and accurate.

  • Applications cannot be made more than once nor can they be submitted for multiple campuses. If you are seeking to change your application to a different Campus please contact the Enrolments Team immediately.

  • If you have applied for enrolment previously (within the past 3 years), please DO NOT submit a new application and instead contact the Enrolments Team immediately.

  • Please Note: International students (including those who currently hold a Visa Subclass 500 or 600) cannot be considered for enrolment at Hume Anglican Grammar and should therefore not submit an enrolment application.


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