Year 7 Students at Coachhouse

Hume Anglican Grammar offers a number of academic scholarships every year, open to all new and existing students of the school. Our Scholarship program provides an opportunity for many to achieve and pursue academic excellence.

Our Year 7 & 10 2024 and Year 7, 2025 Academic Scholarship Program Has Now Closed.

Scholarships are a partial remission of fees for students and are in place for the remaining years of their schooling. Please see below for an outline of the Scholarships currently available at Hume Anglican Grammar:

Year 7 & Year 10 Scholarships

Hume Anglican Grammar proudly offers an Academic Scholarship Program for students entering into Year 7 or Year 10 each academic year. Applications for each Scholarship intake open approximately 2 years in advance and remain open for a short period of time as indicated by Hume Anglican Grammar.

Our scholarship exam is conducted at the School by Edutest, an educational assessment organisation that provide quality assessments and services that are valid, reliable and provide meaningful feedback. Scholarship exams will occur in February each year.

Applications for Scholarships open in early November 2 years prior to commencement/intake. There is an $90.00 administrative fee associated with each Scholarship application. Application fees are non-refundable and are made directly to Edutest.
Scholarship Exams:

Conducted by EduTest, our Scholarship Exam runs for three hours and consists of 5 sub-tests:
1. Verbal Reasoning
2. Numerical Reasoning
3. Reading Comprehension
4. Mathematics
5. Written Expression

You will find more information, including online practice tests at an extra cost, at

Our Year 7 & 10, 2024 and Year 7, 2025 Academic Scholarship Program Has Now Closed.

VCE Scholarships

Applications are invited from internal and external students entering Year 11 or Year 12, for the award of VCE Scholarship. Scholarship Applications can be submitted with no charge and can be emailed to [email protected]  

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

This scholarship will apply for the VCE years of schooling (Year 11 and 12) and is subject to terms and conditions. The award is also subject to a successful interview, presentation of recent school reports and NAPLAN summaries, and subject to the discretion of the Principal.

Key criteria includes:

1.  Overall academic performance and potential to thrive in the high quality learning environment provided by Hume Anglican Grammar;
2.  Achievement and involvement in other areas of excellence;
3.  Demonstrated leadership and teamwork capabilities; and
4.  A commitment to Hume Anglican Grammar school values.

To apply, please submit copies of the following:

1.  Scholarship Application Form;
2.  Two most recent School reports (i.e. Semester 1 2021 and Semester 2 2020); and
3.  Most recent NAPLAN summary (i.e. Year 9 Results).

All external applicants are required to also submit an Application for Enrolment Form (if you have not already done so). Please click here to use our online application form.