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Spiritual Learning

Spiritual Learning

Hume Anglican Grammar is proudly established within the Anglican Church tradition, which places a high value on the dignity of every human life, being made in the image of God, and reflecting something of the intrinsic goodness of this world (Genesis 1:26-27).

From Prep to Year 10, students participate in weekly Religious And Values Education (RAVE) lessons, where the gospel is brought into dialogue with the concerns of our times and the issues which students experience and are witness to in their lives. In this subject, the experiences of many people who encountered God are studied, and the stories of the Bible speak their challenging messages in sequential, thematic units.

All students also participate in regular Chapel services, which seek to be pastoral and instructive in their nature, and engage both hearts and minds. As well as a short time of teaching and explanation of the Scriptures, chapel times include musical items, singing, student reflections, audio-visual presentations and seasonal prayers.    

The person of Jesus Christ takes centre stage in God’s plan for this world, for it is ultimately he, who demonstrates what wholeness and goodness of living looks like in a person. He embodies self-sacrificial love for others (Mark 10:45).

Students are not just physical, mental and emotional beings, but spiritual ones as well. As such, it is vital that they come to understand their place in this world, and God’s desire for them to use their given gifts and talents for the sake of bettering their communities and serving others (Matthew 22:37-39). 

In the busyness of student life and the respective wallpapering of social media and white noise, it can be difficult to find space to give consideration to the nurturing of our souls and our place in the wider created world. It is hoped that the ministry at the school will continue to remind the students to “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth” [Ecclesiastes 12:1].

  • Chapel Service
    Chapel Service
  • Reading Bible
    Reading Bible
  • Sermon from the Priest
    Sermon from the Priest
  • Student Smiling in the Church
    Student Smiling in the Church
  • Focus Group Discussion
    Focus Group Discussion