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About Us

Primary and Secondary Years Students Interacting

Hume Anglican Grammar is a multi-campus, independent Prep to Year 12 coeducational School, proudly offering an affordable private education with a focus on educational excellence and student wellbeing.

‘Student wellbeing at the core’ — is the message that echoes throughout Hume. This, our fundamental belief is that young people who are genuinely happy will engage, aspire and thrive within our learning community. We provide a nurturing high-quality education at an accessible cost to most, which cherishes each child so they may truly flourish. By establishing high standards in all that we do, every student is encouraged and supported to discover and fulfil their unique potential.

Hume is a progressive school, not just in the development of buildings and grounds, but also in innovative thinking and advancements in our approach to teaching and learning. This is led by a group of dedicated and expert teachers who practise their craft with skill, and by building the strongest of relationships with our students. It is not by chance that we have young people who readily display warmth, humour and respect for one another and their teachers.

Our Mission 

As an Anglican Diocesan school we offer our local communities affordable, high-quality, independent co-education, from Prep to Year 12, in a caring and inclusive Christian environment.

Our Values

We embrace the following core values:

1. Christian - an inclusive Christian community in the Anglican tradition built upon compassion and service to others.
2. Excellence - high standards in all that we do and individuals realising their full potential.
3. Resilience - a positive approach, founded upon realistic expectations and flexible actions that help us deal with the challenges of life.
4. Respect - principled and disciplined; we care for ourselves and value others.
5. Integrity - a community whose members are accountable, responsible and trustworthy.
6. Safety - care for the health and wellbeing of all members of our community.

Our Vision

We want to inspire in our students a love of learning, and through a rigorous and rounded educational experience, to provide them with the means to achieve a fulfilling life. 

Teaching and Learning

We offer a broad, values-centred curriculum, compliant with the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). We are structured into two schools for the purposes of the delivery of the academic program, pastoral care and organisation of leadership. 

Each of the schools (Primary and Secondary) caters for the individual needs of students and implements practices appropriate for that developmental stage. Most importantly, one of the great benefits of a Prep to Year 12 school is the smooth transition we can provide between the Primary and Secondary areas. Also, an additional class is added at Year 7 so there are a number of new students commencing in Secondary School. These junior secondary years are vibrant, challenging and appropriate to adolescents. 

The School is in close partnership with the local Parish of Hume and St Peter’s Church, with whom we share facilities.  Spiritual learning plays a part in our curriculum and we welcome students from all denominations and faith backgrounds, as well as children from families with no particular religious commitment. 

Students are offered an environment where they can achieve academic excellence and grow. As an Anglican School we are bound by strong values and have high expectations of our staff and students.

Each student is cherished for their own individual strengths so they may be nurtured to prosper and flourish. At the heart of the purpose at Hume Anglican Grammar is a commitment to developing lifelong learners and every student is encouraged and supported to discover and fulfil their unique potential - whether it be academic, sporting or artistic.

We believe that an education at Hume should be accessible to all who wish to enjoy its benefits. As such, fees are consciously set to be as affordable as practicable to meet the needs of families.

Democratic Principles

Hume Anglican Grammar School adheres to the Democratic Principles as required by the VRQA for School Registration.

The School, together with all Australian citizens, recognises the freedom to pursue religious beliefs and to follow a religious view that is founded upon those beliefs. We commit to the fundamental freedoms of speech and association for all Australians so long as those freedoms are not used to subvert the rule of law.

We acknowledge the right of our elected Governments, their departments and officers to require certain conditions relating to the programs and teaching practices in our School.

We acknowledge that all persons are entitled to be treated equally before the law and, as far as it is within our capacity to do so, we endeavour to treat all members of our community with equity and fairness.

We are committed to living in peace with our fellow Australians irrespective of differences in faith, race or culture, and are committed to the social value of respect for all persons. Hume is open to families who seek an education based on Christian principles and standards in the Anglican tradition.

Visit Us

We welcome all enquiries and encourage families to visit us and experience our School first-hand. School Tours are conducted on a regular basis. To book a tour or find out more information simply contact us at any time on 8339 6900 or via email at [email protected].

You can find a list of upcoming tours by CLICKING HERE.


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