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Curriculum (P-6)

At Hume Anglican Grammar we have honed a deep and multi-faceted understanding of thinking and learning. And we are constantly re-visiting that understanding, to ensure it meets the changing needs of our individual students.

We offer a balanced approach to learning, a compassionate consideration of the emotional wellbeing of students and the opportunity for all young people to flourish within our innovative and caring environment. Teaching our students to become responsible citizens in a global society has become an integral element of our academic curriculum.

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A Diverse Curriculum

Our broad-based curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Technology, Visual Arts, Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Drama), Health, Physical Education, LOTE (Italian), and RAVE (Religious and Values Education).

We seek to employ well-researched and effective teaching and learning programs and tools and to give our students access to a wide variety of learning activities. At Hume, we seek to integrate the use of technology in a natural and exciting way for our students. Students use a range of technologies such as laptop computers, iPads and Interactive Whiteboards as part of their learning and our staff are constantly training in the latest teaching methods and techniques.

Learning Strategies

We Strive to Create Learning Environments That:

  • Build and reinforce students' sense of identity and cultural awareness
  • Foster students' recognition and development of universal human values
  • Stimulate curiosity, ingenuity and inquiry in order to foster a spirit of discovery and enjoyment of learning
  • Equip students with the basic skills to learn and acquire knowledge, individually or collaboratively, and to apply these skills and knowledge accordingly across a broad range of areas
  • Provide awareness of international perspectives while responding to Australian contexts and interests
  • Ensure flexibility and responsiveness of teaching and learning approaches to the different needs of our diverse student population
  • Assist learners to develop the autonomy needed for full and efficient participation in their own learning
  • Provide appropriate forms of assessment to facilitate effective learning and to ensure that learners work to their potential and achieve their personal best

Luke Friend
Assistant Principal - Primary (Mt Ridley)
Rebecca Riley
Assistant Principal (Donnybrook)

Kristen Smith
Assistant Principal - Primary (KalKallo)

  • Student Smiles while Drawing
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  • Students Happy Faces
  • Student Playing a Puzzle Game
  • Identical Twin Students
  • Student Drawing a Picture
  • Student Stand on the Podium
  • Students Dance
  • Students Smile at the Camera
  • Hume Primary School Student Collaboration
  • Student Choir