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Vision for Student Wellbeing

At Hume Anglican Grammar we recognise that our students' academic success is closely tied to their overall wellbeing.

When students feel supported, safe, and engaged, they are more likely to perform well academically, have positive relationships with peers and teachers, and experience a sense of belonging in their school community.

Student wellbeing at Hume Anglican Grammar extends beyond the classroom. Relationships and partnerships between families, services and the community are essential for optimal flourishing. All members of our community have a role to play in promoting and nurturing child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing.

At Hume Anglican Grammar we support students at each stage of development whether building foundational skills in the Primary school, enhancing middle years’ development, or supporting the senior years for post-school transition. Every student can fulfil their physical, social, and emotional potential through a stable and supportive family environment, good social skills, quality teaching and learning practices, and positive connections to a range of people in their social network.

Our Approach to Wellbeing

Hume Anglican Grammar has five practices that underpin our work in student wellbeing.

  • Student-centred
  • Strengths-based
  • Prevention-focused
  • Evidence-informed best practice and continuous quality evaluation
  • Early intervention


Our Five Dimensions of Wellbeing

Caring For Our Body Connecting through our values Fostering a Respectful Community Supporting Our Emotional Health Developing Our Mind


Connecting Through Our Values

We live our faith and celebrate the diversity of others; by connecting through purpose and meaning.

What this looks like at Hume Anglican Grammar: 

  • A positive school culture where everyone is treated with respect and kindness. 
  • All community where all members feel valued, accepted, safe and comfortable.
  • A culture where we are inspired to care for others as well as the physical environment of the school. 
  • Zero tolerance to language and behaviour that is discriminatory, offensive, or demeaning to others. 
  • Through dialogue, connection, and understanding, community members promote acceptance of diverse perspectives by sharing their lived experiences.
  • Showing integrity by acting in ways that are consistent with our personal and School values. 

Fostering a Respectful Community

We develop relationships; through understanding, inclusion, and belonging

What this looks like at Hume Anglican Grammar: 

  • The diversity of our community is celebrated, where everyone is safe and encouraged to be their authentic self.
  • A welcoming environment where students can openly share their thoughts.
  • Students have a positive attitude towards school and are eager to attend every day.
  • A safe space for students to develop and maintain healthy and respectful relationships.
  • Clear expectations regarding behaviour and a proportionate response when expectations are not met.

Supporting Our Emotional Health

We manage our emotions; by developing empathy, resilience, and self-awareness

What this looks like at Hume Anglican Grammar:

  • Students can develop emotional intelligence by recognising and regulating their own emotions, as well as empathising with others.
  • Support for students experiencing emotional difficulties.
  • The implementation of evidence-based social-emotional that develops empathy, resilience, and protects mental health.
  • Mental health support for students and families: prevention, promotion, and early intervention.
  • Access to early intervention and mental health services and support.
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents and community mental health services.

Developing Our Mind

We grow our minds; by embracing creativity, curiosity, and lifelong learning.

What this looks like at Hume Anglican Grammar

  • Students are active agents and lead their learning through an active mindset that is curious, open to challenges and willing to learn.
  • Through the Science of Learning, students understand the principles of learning and how to achieve success through reflective practice.
  • Students are supported with their learning journey and feel a sense of independence and purpose at school.
  • A learning environment that celebrates academic growth and supports students when their achievement does not meet their expectations.   

Caring For Our Body

We make positive choices; for physical wellness and a healthy lifestyle

What this looks like at Hume Anglican Grammar:

  • Students will learn how developing a healthy lifestyle promotes mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Students will learn how to impart healthy habits and lifestyle choices related to all areas of physical health.
  • Students are supported to achieve health goals which keep them engaged and moved to live, learn and be well.
  • The implementation of a curriculum that addresses physical, social-emotional, and psychological student health, safety, nutrition, and wellbeing for optimal educational and health outcomes.