On Monday, 30 November, the Year 2 students were lucky enough to visit the Werribee Zoo for the day.

There was much excitement on the bus trip as you can imagine as it was their first excursion for the year. Each class made their way around the zoo to see the different animals. All classes went on safari and had a look at many of the African animals there. There was also a trail of Australian animals and we got to see koalas, emus, wallabies and kangaroos. We were transported back in time and saw many dinosaurs exhibits too; the roaring T-Rex was certainly a highlight for all. This was a wonderful way to finish 2020.

Here are some of the highlights from 2C students:

'I enjoyed the bus trip around to see the different animals. My favourite animal was the kangaroos.' Nathan

'I liked how we saw the koalas and they were high up in the tree.' Harsheen

'I liked the safari because we got to see lots of animals. My favourite animals were the meerkat and giraffes.' Sierra

'I enjoyed seeing the dinosaurs because they are my favourite creatures and we don’t usually get to see them because they are extinct.' William

Helena Mallon - Teacher

Werribee Zoo Excursion​​​​​​​