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Hume Anglican Student Achievements Board

Our Grammarians continue to achieve amazing things – making significant contributions to the world around them.

‘Where Are They Now?’ is our new online profile series which speaks to Grammarians and allows us not only to share their stories but also to celebrate in their successes.
In our inaugural edition, we are speaking with Seejal Sunilkumar (Class of 2014). 

Seejal Sunilkumar (Class of 2014)

What year did you graduate from Hume Anglican Grammar and tell us a little bit about your journey after Secondary School?
I graduated from Hume Anglican Grammar in 2014 and subsequently completed a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Developmental Biology and Physiology) from Monash University. I then went on to undertake a Masters of Primary and Secondary Teaching for 2 years. 
After completing my Masters, I got a job at St Mary’s College, Seymour teaching Maths and Science. I worked there for 1 year before joining Hume Anglican Grammar as a teacher in 2022.
Provide us with a ‘snapshot’ into your daily routine.
I am fortunate enough to educate fantastic students and work with a group of amazing colleagues. Each day brings on something different and I find myself learning something new every day. 
My routine wouldn’t be complete without going on a few coffee runs with my colleagues aswell! 
What is the fondest memory of your time at Hume Anglican Grammar?
My fondest memory is Year 12 Camp at Melbourne University’s Boarding Houses. 
This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had – allowing me to spend quality time with my friends and exploring the city of Melbourne - finding great food and entertainment while getting a taste of what University and further studies would look like. 
How has your time at Hume Anglican Grammar influenced your life and pathways after school? 
Being part of such a warm, welcoming school environment, coupled with the strong culture of growth and learning at Hume Anglican Grammar all played a contributing factor to the journey I took after Year 12. Whether it was the opportunity to experience Tertiary studies, or the wholehearted support provided to me by my teachers, I felt that the school was always there to help me follow my passion.  

Fast Four:

If Your Friends Could Describe You in One Word, What Would it Be?
If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone, Dead or Alive, Who Would It Be?
My Grandfather on my Mother’s side who passed away when I was in Year 10 
Favourite Travel Spot?
My Favourite travel destination would be Singapore 
What is One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You?
I learnt Bollywood and Classical Dance as a child.

Hume instructor Seejal Sunilkumar teaching

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