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VCE Dance Class

On Thursday, 9 May the VCE Dance class at Hume Anglican Grammar had the privilege of working with Caitlyn De Kuyper, a talented choreographer and dancer.

Caitlyn's passion for dance started at a young age and continued into her secondary years of schooling, where she excelled in her VCE practical examinations and earned a place to perform at the 2018 VCE season of excellence.

Caitlyn's most recent venture saw her playing Katherine Howard on the Norwegian Cruise Line Seattle Broadway production of SIX The Musical, showcasing her talents in and around Melbourne. Her next endeavour awaits her in London, where she will continue to dance and choreograph.

During the VCE workshop, Caitlyn challenged students to learn new movement vocabulary that aligned with their Unit 1 and Unit 3 criteria. The students were introduced to new pathways, shapes, and complex contrasting phrases. They were thrilled to learn from Caitlyn and her notable expertise in the field.

The energy at the end of the session was high, and the students are excited about bringing Caitlyn's vision to life at their curriculum performance evening later this term. The class looks forward to inviting Caitlyn back for the final instalment on Thursday, 16 May 2024.