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Hume Anglican Grammar Pony Club

For many young girls, owning a pony is a dream come true. And Years 5 and 6 students from our Donnybrook and Mt Ridley campuses had the incredible opportunity to participate in the first-ever Hume Anglican Grammar Pony Club co-curricular event during the term break.

Hume is proud to offer a growing co-curricular program, and the Pony Club has proved to be a wonderful addition. Our students had an unforgettable experience as they learned about horse care, safety, and riding skills. They participated in mounted games and horse-themed crafts, with the highlight of the day – caring for and riding a horse!

Students showed remarkable confidence and risk-taking, which was evident as they were all able to ride independently and steer their horse by the end of the day. Additionally, the cross-campus friendships that were formed were an added bonus!

The success of this initial event has paved the way for future opportunities, which are students are eagerly looking forward to.