Three Happy Female Students

Hume Anglican Grammar is home to a unique co-curricular club called The Community Crusaders.

This group is made up of student volunteers from Year 7 through to Year 12, totalling approximately 76 members, who donate their time and effort to support worthy causes. The club aims to make use of the diverse qualities and skills of its members to support charities across three categories: CREATE, COLLECT, and CASH.

CREATE projects allow members to showcase their creativity and skills by making various items for different organisations. This year, the club has already made snuffle mats for dogs at Second Chance Animal Rescue, crocheted and knitted knee blankets for residents of a nearby aged care facility, and made small carry bags for the Beaded Journey program run by the Oncology department at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

COLLECT campaigns involve collecting items for various organizations. Last term, the club collected for Pinchapoo, an organization that provides hygiene and toiletry items to those in need. During Term 2, the club collected food pantry items for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, inspired by the Year 8 members who recently met a refugee in their English studies.

CASH endeavours involve fundraising activities to support organizations in need. The club has run icy-pole sales at lunchtimes to collect money for Challenge cancer, which provides accommodation for grieving families who may have lost a loved one to cancer. The club has also run a ‘Red Day’ to collect funds for the local Craigieburn Salvation Army.

The Community Crusaders believe that all organisations, big or small, need as much support as they can provide. With their unique skills and passion for helping others, they are in a position to make a difference in the world. The club hopes to continue to inspire and encourage others to join them in their mission to support worthy causes.

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