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Model UN

Last week, our Year 11 Politics class had the exciting opportunity to travel to Mt Alexander College for Model UN (United Nations). 

This event provides a platform for secondary students to participate in the debate and passing of a proposed resolution from the perspective of an allocated country.

Our students were fortunate to represent France and Argentina. Throughout the day, there was much lively debate and robust negotiation among students from four schools. It was clear that everyone was passionate about the topic at hand and wanted to ensure that their country's best interests were represented.

The topic in question was climate change, and it was wonderful to see the different perspectives each country brought to the table. Our students performed brilliantly and represented the school to a very high standard. They were able to develop a well-debated and considered resolution on the issue of climate change. It was evident that they had put in a great deal of effort and research into their allocated countries and were able to articulate their views and ideas effectively.

Overall, the Model UN program was a terrific opportunity for our students to develop their debating and negotiation skills. It allowed them to think critically about important global issues and to learn of the different perspectives held by other countries. We are very proud of our students and cannot wait to see what they achieve in the future.