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As we approach the conclusion of the year, it is customary to acknowledge and pass on our appreciation to staff who depart Hume Anglican Grammar. We also send our best wishes to those who take a period of leave.

Stehanie Finn
Stephanie joined Hume Anglican Grammar in 2012 as a Primary teacher. During her time with us, Stephanie held several leadership positions including Head of Learning – Personal and Physical Development, House Coordinator and Co-curricular
Coordinator. Stephanie taught several year levels and had a positive impact on the many students she taught. Stephanie was particularly passionate about student wellbeing, going out of her way to follow up with parents to check on students. In her role as Co-curricular Coordinator, Stephanie organised whole school House events including swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals which were always a highlight on the Primary calendar. We wish Stephanie continued success.

Kate Kendall
Kate joined Hume in 2017 and has been a stalwart in the English faculty since. Kate was Head of Faculty from July 2017 until December 2019. As a teacher of VCE English and Literature, Kate has produced some excellent results including a study score of 46 for Literature in 2021. In addition to her excellent classroom practice, Kate has contributed to the school more broadly over many years through the Galway debating and this year the Plain English-Speaking Awards. Team results in the Galway debating are the envy of other schools and a credit to her commitment and passion. We wish Kate well for the next chapter of her career.

Danny Dakak
Danny joined Hume in 2018 and has been a valuable member of the Maths team. Danny was heavily involved in the cocurricular life of the school leading basketball and volleyball teams along with running the chess club and assisting with productions during his time here. He enjoyed working with staff and seeing students reach their potential. Danny was on leave in 2023 but did assist in covering some VCE classes during Term 4 which we are very thankful for. Danny has accepted a teaching position at Alice Miller School and we wish him all the best.

Suzanna Mackie
Suzanna worked at Hume in 2021 and having left at the end of that year was back again part way through 2022. Since returning Suzanna has worked part-time in the Maths faculty and was also engaged to assist with a digital transformation project. Suzanna has a positive outlook and has always been willing to give up her time to assist students and colleagues. Suzanna looks forward to the next chapter and being able to spend more time with her family.

Jordy Miller
Jordy joined Hume in 2022 and has worked in the Humanities and Health and Physical Education faculties. Jordy formed positive relationships with his students and in addition to his commitment to the classroom, he has also contributed to the school as a House Coordinator and enthusiastic coach of multiple teams in the Co-curricular Program. Jordy leaves to take on a Year Level Coordinator position at another school and we wish him all the best for the future.

Lobna Alman
Lobna joined Hume part way through 2022 and has been a valuable contributor to the English team, Lobna is respected by her students and colleagues alike and has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Hume community. Lobna is looking forward to spending more time with her family and we wish her all the best for the next chapter.

Kanwarpreet Kaur
Kanwar joined Hume at the start of 2023 and worked part-time in the Science faculty teaching Years 7 and 9. As a Hume parent for many years, Kanwar understood the values of Hume and was pleased to contribute to the community as a teacher. Kanwar has taken up a primary teaching position at another school next year and we wish her all the best.

Christina Xynos
Christina joined Hume in 2023 and has contributed to both the Humanities and English faculties. Christina has formed good relationships with her students and has worked hard teaching subjects that were new to her this year. Christina has accepted a position at another school next year and we wish her all the best.

Courtney Magdalani
Courtney joined Hume in July this year and has been a valuable member of the English and Humanities teams. She quickly developed strong relationships with her colleagues, classes and homeroom. We wish Courtney all the best as she takes up the Head of English position at Penola Catholic College next year.

Katherine Stable
Katie joined us in Term 2 this year and quickly formed relationships with students, parents and staff. Katie has made valuable contributions to her Year 1 teaching team with her insights and experiences in Inquiry learning and Reggio Emilia. She has worked more broadly across the Kalkallo team sharing her enthusiasm for teaching and her commitment to excellence. We wish her well as she journeys internationally with her partner.

The school has been grateful for the support of tutors who worked as part of the Tutor Learning Initiative, supporting our students where the period of remote learning had impacted them. Two of our tutors have concluded their time with us and we thank them for their service and tireless support. We thank Rosemary Daniels for her work as a tutor and look forward to seeing her as a CRT in future. Josephine Gagliardi joined the school this year as a tutor in Secondary English at Mt Ridley and quickly built the confidence and skills of her students.

Two of our Year Level Coordinators from the Mt Ridley Secondary school, Acacia Cooper and Pia Salvatore recently commenced their parental leave, and the Secondary Subject Coordinator of Languages, Rosa Iacobucci will commence her parenting leave early next year.

We also pass on our best wishes to Haylee Sommer and Lisa Haber who both take leave next year, and Aquila Zafir who takes leave for Term 1 in 2024.