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Solar Buddy

Year 6 students at our Mt Ridley campus have had an exciting opportunity to bring light to an issue affecting many disadvantaged children in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

On Thursday, 16 May a team of volunteers from the Origin Energy Foundation, joined the Year 6s to make a change. In the Solar Buddy incursion, they learnt about many of the disadvantaged communities around the world. Connecting with students in PNG online via Zoom, the Year 6s were stunned to learn that only 12.4% of Papua New Guineans are connected to power (only 3.7% of rural).

Solar Buddy teams with the Origin Energy Foundation and the Kokoda Trak Foundation to change the lives of many. Year 6 students wrote touching letters to a community of children in PNG, outlining what life is like in Australia and how they would like to help. Following their letters, students made solar/battery powered lights, using their knowledge of electrical circuits and sustainable energy. Something they have been learning about in this term.

Our students have been touched by this opportunity and understand their privilege. This was an emotional journal for many and provided a new learning prospect for our students. Students have worked hard to make a change and in doing so, aimed to have increased the amount of time children in PNG can study by 78%. We would like to thank the Origin Energy Foundation, Solar Buddy and the Kokoda Track Foundation.