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Rocking the Stage

The recent performance by the Primary and Secondary students of our Mt Ridley campus enrolled in the Instrumental Music program was nothing short of amazing.

The event showcased the incredible talent and hard work of our young performers who are passionate about music and was a real treat for the audience. The evening began with a group of students taking to the stage for their very first performance. With a few nerves, but excited energy, they claimed the stage and shined brightly.

The audience was thrilled to see these budding musicians showcase their skills, and the applause that followed was a testament to their hard work and dedication. Later in the evening, three Secondary school bands, Dead I Jedi, Caffeination, and The Amigos, also took the stage and wowed the audience with their exceptional musical talents. The crowd was thrilled with their lively performances and their fun energy.

Hume Anglican Grammar’s Instrumental Program continues to grow and has a total of 199 students enrolled at Mt Ridley and across Mt Ridley, Donnybrook, and Kalkallo, the number of students enrolled is 327. This speaks volumes about the popularity of the program and the passion that students have for music.

The evening provided an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and it was clear that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It is truly inspiring to see so many young musicians come together to celebrate their love for music.