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Hume Student Collaboration

In this edition of Reflections, we introduce you to Avreen Kaur, one of our 2023 School Vice Captains.

Reflections is our online profile series which speaks to Senior students at Hume Anglican Grammar, asking them to look back on their time here at our school and also speak about what lies ahead in the future.

Tell us about your first day at Hume Anglican Grammar?
I started at Hume Anglican Grammar in Prep. My first day of Prep was at the Sunbury campus which consisted of a lot of land with a very small population of students. I didn’t know much English and I struggled to speak it fluently. I was greeted by enthusiastic teachers and made friends whom I am still in contact with. My parents were quite worried about how my first day would go but all the worries vanished when they saw me after school with a big smile on my face and walking with my newly made friends. 

What is your favourite subject and why?
Physical Education is my favourite subject. It has theory as well as a practical section to it and the teachers are absolutely amazing due to their friendly nature and impeccable knowledge. The practical lessons are entertaining and unique. The theory aspect is all about the way our body functions through physical activity. It is a subject that will never bore you. 

What is your fondest memory so far at Hume Anglican Grammar?
Year 12 Camp has got to be my favourite memory; it was exactly what we needed before the start of a very busy and stressful year. The 3 days of bonding and completing fun activities was a good start to the year and It's a memory I won’t forget. 

How has your time at Hume Anglican Grammar influenced your future pathway decisions?
Hume provides students with many options to choose from including subjects. In Year 7 we were given a choice of electives to try, these allowed me to discover what I liked and what I didn’t. Due to having an experience in all subjects, when it came to choosing my VCE subject preferences it was quite an easy task. Hume also has teachers that are knowledgeable about careers and are always willing to answer questions.

What would you like to do or study once you graduate from Hume Anglican Grammar?
I want to study law and business as I would like to be a lawyer in the future and even open a start-up.  

Fast Four:

If Your Friends Could Describe You in One Word, What Would it Be?
Enthusiastic (I am always full of energy and always excited about one thing or another).

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Favourite travel spot?
I would like to visit Japan or South Korea someday. 

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
Many people don’t know that I am extremely clumsy, either I am dropping things or falling down myself. 

  • Avreen Kaur