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In this edition of 'Proud Parents' we meet Peta, Mother to Charlie (Year 2) and Aria (Prep).

Why did you choose Hume Anglican Grammar for your children?

My son Charlie was enrolled elsewhere for Prep and Year 1 and we were moving out of the area where he had initially attended school.

My daughter Aria was due to start Prep and my husband and I wanted to send them to a school where they could feel happy and safe. We have close friends who have children that currently attend Hume Anglican Grammar and their children are thriving & settled. 

We are also very close family friends with Dawn Gordon, a foundation Staff Member, whose children are Grammarians that date back to when Hume Anglican Grammar was founded. 

We have watched the school grow from the portables on Dorchester Street in Craigieburn to where it is now and have been very impressed with the opportunities the School can provide for our children and the brilliant way it has shaped previous Alumni into strong, independent, driven, resilient & kind members of our community. This made it an easy decision to make the move. 

What has been the fondest memory of your time here at our school?

We are relatively new to the School but we love how many amazing opportunities Charlie & Aria have had since starting at Hume Anglican Grammar. They have been able to attend excursions at Bundoora Park Farm and ACMI including a STEM incursion that have made them excited about their learning. 

Miss Payne & Mr Hearn have been in tune with Charlie & Aria’s learning & wellbeing and we are very thankful for this! 
What do you value most about education?

I think a School that nurtures a child and makes them feel safe, happy and where they feel as though they belong will help them be receptive and excited to learn.  This will provide them with the education they need and in turn they will want to be at School. We have observed these values through our interactions with Charlie and Aria’s teachers and their peers. 
Fast Four:

If your friends could describe you in one word, what would it be?
If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Harry Gordon. I miss him so much. 
One thing you couldn’t live without.
I could not live without my family & friends.
What is one thing most people don’t know about you? 
I love singing in the car on my own or with Charlie & Aria to any kind of music. The Hamilton Soundtrack gets a workout almost every day as it’s a family favourite. I don’t care how silly we look if people see us. I hope we make them smile. 

Peta Flowers