Isn’t it a joy to experience the relaxing of restrictions? This means that our Church is planning to meet again face-to-face in or near the School Chapel at 9am next Sunday, 29 November. We welcome you to gather with us.

Another joy is not to wear a mask when we are outside. It’s a delight to feel fresh air on my face and once more smell the flowers – and see who people really are!

Last week when I was out with my mask on and my cap pulled down, I fell into conversation with a friend. It wasn’t until half a minute had gone by that she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh Ian, I’d not realised it was you!”

Masks hide who we are – it’s great to be able to leave them off when we are outside.

Next Sunday, the Church starts the season of Advent – it means “Coming”. We begin to prepare to celebrate Christmas and our remembrance of the coming of Jesus, and we look forward with hope to his coming again in glory.

We might describe the coming of Jesus, the Son of God, into our world as “God taking his mask off.” When we read about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus we see what God our Maker and Sustainer is really like. Jesus once said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” (John 14:9) In other words, Jesus was clear that he came to show all the world what Almighty God is like – God without a mask on!

In Jesus we can see that God is compassionate. Jesus heals the sick, comforts the sorrowful, brings freedom to those oppressed. In Jesus we see that God has standards. Jesus denounces the hypocrisy of religious and secular leaders who teach the right way to live, but exploit and oppress people. Jesus tells struggling people that God is good and God cares about our troubles, our problems and difficulties and God will help when we ask. Above all Jesus shows that God suffers with us, and on the cross, Jesus bears our pain and the brokenness of all the world. Then God raised Jesus from death – the assurance that sin is forgiven, death is defeated, evil is overcome, and our God reigns.

Jesus shows us what God is like – without the mask on. Would you like to find out more?

I invite you to come and hear about the Advent “Coming” of Jesus at the School next Sunday at 9am. Or, please join us on Zoom at the same time; the link is: If you need a password it is 2323064. We will continue sharing our services on Zoom up to and including 20 December.

Please be assured that each day we pray for the School its students, teachers, all staff and parents.

May God’s blessing and peace be with you.

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Bishop Ian Palmer - Priest of Hume Parish

Bishop Ian Palmer​​​​​​​