Building on the Lord

Dear Friends and Families,

One of the most frightening words that any homeowner can hear is the word “underpinning”. It is normally said in the context of a house’s foundations slipping or cracking, and any underpinning work which has to be done in repairing these is extremely costly – usually in the tens of thousands of dollars!

Several years ago, it was suggested to me that such work needed to be done to my home, and so I was ever thankful that all that what was required in the end was the affordable insertion of a tonne of cement to bolster the strength of the concrete slab.

This Friday, we are enjoying school celebrations for our Founders’ Day. As the name suggests, Founders’ Day concerns both acknowledging the vision of those people who founded the school, and looking forward to the days ahead as the school expands and matures.

What is necessary for all such enterprises to stay strong is to ensure that the foundations stay strong!

In the Old Testament, King David writes that, ‘Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. [Psalm 127:1]. And in the New Testament, the apostle Paul writes, ‘Each builder must choose with care how to build. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one that has been laid; that foundation is Jesus Christ.’  [1 Corinthians 3:10-11]

Thankfully, our school motto, Wisdom Through Christ, is a sure foundation. It reminds us that achieving our best and staying grounded is primarily a matter of both listening to Jesus and following him.

During the highs and lows, peaks and troughs of life, Christ is indeed a sure foundation.

If you would like to speak further, or have questions about the Christian life, then do please contact either me or Reverend Sheela (our Associate Chaplain) at the respective email addresses below:

Reverend Peter: [email protected]
Reverend Sheela: [email protected]

I also encourage you to pray the Founders’ Day prayer below and sing the song.

If you would like to explore the certainty of Christ further, the two local Anglican churches listed below lead regular Sunday gatherings.

St Peter’s, Craigieburn (meeting at 10:30am on Sundays in the Chapel at Hume Anglican Grammar: 100 Mt Ridley Road, Mickleham)

Minister: Reverend Sheela Pandhare
Mobile: 0451 973 733/03 9308 2452
Email: [email protected]/[email protected]

Redemption Church Craigieburn (meeting at 4:00pm on Sundays in Building 12 – the Year 5/6 Centre at Hume Anglican Grammar: 100 Mt Ridley Road, Mickleham)

Pastor: Reverend Akhil Gardner
Mobile: 0400 021 381
Email: [email protected]

Founders’ Day prayer

Gracious God,
on this Founders’ Day,
we give you great thanks for your blessings of abundance upon our school community.
Thank you for the faith of our founders,
the beauty of our campuses,
the gifts of teaching and learning which have been shared and promoted over the years,
and the many hundreds of lives that have,
and continue to be,
transformed to this day.
Thank you also for the commitment of those who lead us today in building a brighter future.
We continue to pray for sound learning,
new discovery,
and the pursuit of wisdom.
Illuminate our hearts and minds with truth and love,
so that our lives may shine with understanding, honesty,
and a concern for others.
Teach us to value that which is pure and worthy of praise;
give us courage and passion for our journey ahead.
We ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Song (Christ is made the Sure Foundation)

Reverend Peter Waterhouse – School Chaplain