I am absolutely thrilled to have accepted the position of Deputy Principal at Hume Anglican Grammar. I have a firm belief that all children have the right to an excellent, well-rounded and future-focused education and I am extremely proud to be a part of a school community delivering just that.

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the Secondary school during the past two and a half years in my role as Assistant Principal – Secondary, and thank the Secondary staff for their unwavering support throughout my tenure. To now take on the role of Deputy Principal across two (and soon-to-be three) campuses is an honour.

I have a strong belief in life-long learning and the importance of instilling in children a love for learning, as well as developing the skills and tools to achieve personal growth. At Hume, this is realised through a strong vision for teaching and learning and underpinned by robust student wellbeing programs. Testament to the success of these programs is the fact that students and staff have continued to thrive throughout the past 18 months, demonstrating that when individuals have a stable sense of physical, emotional and mental health, they are well-equipped to be nimble and flexible.

As the School looks to continued growth at the Mt Ridley and Donnybrook campuses, as well as the establishment of the Kalkallo campus, I look forward to being of service to our entire school community.

Penelope Monger - Deputy Principal