The long-awaited STEM Centre building is now operational. Innovation at its very best.

A decade ago, you could walk into any classroom, and each would look the same – this is certainly not the case in the STEM Centre. All six rooms are designed to be flexible and dynamic, with modular furniture and moveable writing surfaces. Whilst it may be difficult to imagine a classroom with more than one screen, our Science labs have multiple screens, eight in Science Lab 1 and six in Science Lab 2. These enable teachers to not only mirror written work from their huge 75 inch plasma panel to the students’ monitors, but also gives students the option to wirelessly connect to their very own 32 inch monitor to share ideas and work collaboratively.

The Maker Space has 4 bespoke workbenches alongside a collaborative learning area that includes writable student desks, allowing students to work together and present using the stadium-style seating area. The STEM Room has been divided into a number of learning zones. Students are particularly enjoying the Testing and Work Zones. 

We are already seeing the impact of this innovative and cutting-edge classroom technology through teachers and students energetically engaging in learning experiences that are both collaborative and interactive

“This is a dream come true”. - Year 12 student

“How did we survive without this STEM Centre?” - Year 10 student

“I feel inspired in this environment, surrounded by the resources and specialist equipment. There is lots of space means we can have more practical experiences.” - Mrs Marisa Jarvis

“I like the collaborative areas, where we can work in a team.” - Mr Navneet Sharma

“The vibrant colours makes us feel energized to investigate and learn." - Mr Andrew McCaskill

"Thank you to the Senior Leadership Team for making this dream come true!" - Mr Athanas Zivave

Kathryn Wilson - Acting Assistant Principal - Secondary