A few weeks ago, the School hosted a 5-year reunion for students who graduated in 2016. It was wonderful welcoming back our Old Grammarians and hearing what they have been up to. What a huge diversity of things they have experienced. We had a banker, mortgage broker, engineer, and police officer, just to name a few. We even had one who joined the gathering on videoconference from Japan, where he is studying the Japanese language.

What was also so nice to see was that so many of them still see one another, are very close friends, or are fellow members of sporting teams or clubs, and in one case working along one side another in the same job. This demonstrates that the Hume Anglican Grammar community reaches beyond the school fence, and indeed even beyond the school years. It is timeless and will hopefully stretch well into the future. 
There were also others who had very little contact with either the School or their past classmates. However, when they walked in the room it was though they had never left and immediately connections were rekindled, and all the great memories came flooding back. It was so nice to see them all together, with a feeling that they have never really been apart, and a bond not always visible remains, and we could not be happier. 

For further information about the Alumni, please contact the Director of Community Development, Dawn Gordon on [email protected]  

Bill Sweeney - Principal