As we complete our second week of lockdown and Remote Teaching and Learning (RTL), I wish to pass on my sincere thanks and congratulations to all in our community for the wonderful way in which you have approached this minor set-back. When we got word that we would again be entering a period of RTL, we all knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Students gathered their books and stationery, packed their bags and headed off with a degree of certainty about what to expect. In a world of uncertainty, it is reassuring that we can continue teaching and learning and staying connected at a time where routines and familiarity are so important.

Each week I receive an email update from Seesaw that reports the number of posts and related data. From 30 May, to 6 June, I can report the following staggering figures. The number of new items posted: 22,820. The number of likes: 11,110. The number of comments posted: 15,402. The number of parent views: 2,769. These are incredible figures when you take into account that this data only represents one week of Seesaw use in the Primary school. We cross our fingers and eagerly watch the daily press conferences hoping that we can all return onsite in the near future.

Earlier this week, our Year 2 students and staff hosted our Primary assembly via Zoom. It was a wonderful occasion and provided an opportunity to stay connected and again build our sense of community. The importance of continuing these events remotely was clearly evident. We watched students present learning they have been working on at home and a photo story of their recent excursion to Federation Square where they visited St Paul’s Cathedral and The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). If we can take one positive from RTL, it is the developing confidence our students are showing when communicating their learning and understanding remotely. The presentations by students on their literacy, numeracy and Inquiry units demonstrated a deep level of understanding and confidence. It gives us something to think about when we next ask students to share their learning. On behalf of the staff, we wish you well and thank you again for your continued efforts and support. Enjoy the long weekend, stay connected and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Luke Friend - Assistant Principal - Primary (Mt Ridley)