Allergy Awareness Week was held between Sunday, 23 May to Saturday, 29 May. Year 2 students wanted to raise awareness of food allergies by learning about how we can be more allergy aware. There are 7 students and 1 teacher at our Donnybrook campus with a severe life-threatening allergy. We wanted to help our school understand how we can help keep them safe. 

Keeping each other safe is all about awareness, avoidance and action.

Awareness - Know what your classmates or friends are allergic too.

Avoidance - Never share food and always wash your hands after you eat.

Action - Telling a teacher or adult straight away if someone with an allergy looks sick.

We completed persuasive writing pieces and posters to help persuade our friends to follow those three important steps to help keep each other safe. If you wanted more information about how you can support someone with food allergies click on the link below. Also attached is a nice story we read at our assembly that demonstrates the extent people with food allergies go to avoid food allergens.

Richard Giarrusso - Teacher