Term 2 in the Primary school commenced with a wonderful, respectful commemorative Anzac Service. We were very fortunate to secure Lieutenant David Greenstreet from the Australian Defence Force to address our staff and students about the significance of Anzac Day from a serving member’s perspective. Lieutenant Greenstreet came dressed in his full military uniform complete with ceremonial infantry sword and spoke of the history of Anzac Day and the way in which we remember those that sacrificed so much. In addition to Lieutenant Greenstreet, we also had a professional musician (Mal Webb) who played The Last Post on the bugle. This was a spine-tingling addition to our service that had a significant impact on all in attendance.

Our Primary Captains, Joshua Costanzo and Shreya Sewgoolam spoke beautifully throughout the service, as did our Culture and Traditions leaders, Udaiveer Sandhu and Asmi Lekhi. I would particularly like to thank our student representatives from each year level who so confidently read a prayer on behalf of their fellow students. Our Performance choir, conducted by Year 12 student, Kiara Jarvis, lead the mass singing of Amazing Grace before being joined for the second verse by all Primary students and staff. As you could imagine, this was yet another highlight of our service.

We look forward to another busy term, rich with new experiences and learning opportunities.

Luke Friend - Assistant Principal - Primary (Mt Ridley)