"Una lingua diversa è una diversa visione della vita."-  Federico Fellini

"A different language is a different vision of life."​

Cultural Harmony Week was a great success with a variety of activities occurring in and out of the classroom at both our Mt Ridley and Donnybrook campuses.

At Mt Ridley, Years 3 to 6 students thoroughly enjoyed participating in a world dance and music incursion where they learnt new dance moves and had fun singing. Students in Prep to Year 2 heard the traditional Italian instrument - La Fisarmonica, the accordion and had a wonderful time dancing La Tarantella with their friends and playing - i tamburelli, the tambourines. As a special treat, students savoured a taste of Italy with a mini gelato. On Cultural Dress up day they proudly modelled their cultural attire or wore colours from the Italian flag - green, white or red. Students also let their colours shine on the soccer pitch with a fun lunchtime match. Well done Summerhill on your win!

At Donnybrook students enjoyed participating in bocce during Italian class and had fun working on their Michelangelo art activity in Visual Art. Students liked learning La Tarantella - a traditional Italian dance, during Performing Arts and did a terrific job performing it at the assembly. On the day students received a delicious gelato and dressed in their cultural attire - it was a fantastic and colourful display of cultural diversity.

A big thankyou to the Cultural and Traditional Leaders for doing a wonderful job hosting the assembly and we congratulate all the speakers and performers for an amazing job. If you missed it, please watch it on Seesaw. Another big thank you to the Teachers and Teacher Assistances and to the students for being so engaged and enthusiastic about Cultural Harmony Week.

Please see below a few student reflections:

“It was fun because I learnt how people dance around the world.” - Jesse 3A

“It was nice to see other people’s cultural dress.” - Jewel 5B

“I learnt about different kinds of cultural dances.” - Gunveer 4A

“I loved that we got to see Italian dancing.” - Amelia 1A

“My favourite part of the week was the delicious gelato. I had cookies and cream!” - Alex 3Y 

“I had a great time dancing the tarantella at assembly and the week was really fun’. - Lachlan 2Y. 

 “My favourite part of the week was when I got to see the incredible Bollywood dancers.” - Brateil 3X. 

Adele Arnese - Languages Coordinator - Primary

Alexander Romano - Teacher