On Tuesday, 2 March, Hume Anglican Grammar sent a team of 15 Primary swimmers to Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre, where they competed in the School Sport Victoria Woodlands/Whittlesea Division Swimming Carnival. They swam in various events and represented the school extremely well. Congratulations to all of the swimmers involved in this carnival. The students who placed first in this carnival were then asked to represent the district at the Northern Metropolitan Swimming Carnival.

The results from this carnival were as follows:

Amelia Parsons - 1st Freestyle, 1st Freestyle Relay, 2nd Backstroke

Lucas Prieto - 1st Freestyle Relay, 2nd Breaststroke, 3rd Medley Relay

Reet  Sandu- 2nd Freestyle Relay

Joshua Hume - 1st Butterfly, 1st Freestyle Relay, 1st Backstroke, 3rd Medley Relay

Seth Senanyake - 2nd Medley Relay

Ada Mayr - 1st Butterfly, 1st Breaststroke, 3rd Free Relay

Isabella Nguyen - 2nd Freestyle Relay, 2nd Freestyle

Joshua Costanzo - 2nd Medley Relay

Suvin Siriwardana - 1st Freestyle Relay, 3rd Medley Relay

Michelle Sharma - 1st Butterfly, 1st Breaststroke, 1st Freestyle Relay

Amelia Onley - 1st Freestyle Relay

Willow Walker - 2nd Freestyle, 2nd breaststroke, 1st Freestyle Relay

Joshua Brownjohn - 2nd Medley Relay

Bailey Walker - 2nd Medley Relay

Vivan Giri - 1st Freestyle Relay, 3rd Medley Relay,

Regional Swimming

On Tuesday, 16 March, 9 students represented the Woodlands/Whittlesea District at the Northern Metropolitan Swimming Carnival at Watermarc in Greensborough. These students once again represented not only the school with excellence but also their district.

The results from this carnival were as follows:

Joshua Hume – 1st in Backstroke and 2nd in Butterfly

Michelle Sharma – 2nd in Butterfly

Willow Walker, Amelia Parsons, Amelia Onley and Michelle Sharma placed 3rd in the 9/10 girls Freestyle Relay.

Joshua Hume will now attend the State Championships in May for Backstroke after qualifying 1st in his event. Congratulations Josh.

Well done to all of the swimmers involved. You definitely Let your colours Shine.

Stephanie Finn - Co-curricular Coordinator - Primary