The Year 3 students at Donnybrook have had a very busy Term 1. They have participated in assembly performances for Harmony Day, studied through our Inquiry Unit and had many celebrations and commemorations. Naidoc Week was an opportunity to discuss the many themes and issues that our Indigenous people are concerned with, ANZAC Day was discussed as a national day of commemoration. Our students also had a fun filled day at our Years 3 - 5 Swimming Carnival. Here are some of their reflections.

NAIDOC is important because we get to learn issues important to the Aboriginal communities. When we learn the issues, we know how to help the Aborigines and make Australia a better place. We also need to remember this land didn’t always belong to us. Brateil

Naidoc is important because Aborigines had a lot of problems and they began to protest from 1938. NAIDOC is not only for a day it is celebrated for a week. Every year the theme is different and this year it was 'Heal Country', which means that we need to start caring more for the land and its people. NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Guneet

Why do we celebrate Harmony Day? We celebrate Harmony Day because we want to know about other cultures and celebrations because Australia is made up of people from about 270 different cultures. Harmony Week is a time to respect other cultures and learn about them. Harshil

On the 15 March, 2021 Hume Anglican Grammar, Donnybrook went to the Swimming Carnival in Whittlesea. We went there by bus and it was a 15-minute drive. Some people wanted to race and some didn’t, some won ribbons and some didn’t. There were novelty events for people who didn’t want to race. We have swimming lessons from Prep to Year 2 but when you are above Year 2 you have a Swimming Carnival.  Even though it was the one day it was really fun and I really enjoyed it. Flynn

 Anzac Day is a day where you commemorate and remember the soldiers who fought for you and Australia. I think they are our heroes; they should be respected very much. They risked their lives for us and that’s why we are here free. Everyone in Australia is here in harmony because of their breathtaking efforts. Soldiers don’t have any powers or magic, but risking their lives is more than enough for us. I will respect and remember them all my life and so will others. There are other heroes like Simpson and his donkey. They didn’t fight in the war but cared and mended injured soldiers. Rest in Peace.  Neil

Anzac Day means to me that brave soldiers fought, rescued and loved and respected their country and peace was made for us to live peaceful lives. A brave young soldier named Simpson and his donkey travelled on beaches of fear and valleys of woe, rescuing his mates. He was a true hero in World War 1. He and his donkey made it a little less like hell. May we commemorate Anzac Day and remember them. May we remember them all. Lest we Forget. Diya

​​​​​​​Helen Haztikalis - Teacher