Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 6, all Year 7 students (a grand total of 138!) descended on Malcolm Creek, Craigieburn, as part of their Humanities studies. Here, students had the opportunity to work collaboratively to collect data on the livability of the local area, specifically to conduct water quality testing. The data collected will be used by students in their forthcoming analytical geographical report assessment task.

Some of us became a little wet, a little muddy and despite liberal applications of sun cream, a little pink in the face - and that was just the teachers!

Excursions such as this provide students the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning and apply classroom-based theory learning to real-life situations. As such, we are very fortunate here at Hume to be able to conduct this annual excursion with a whole year level cohort within our local community. 

Kaye Elvin - Head of Learning - Humanities