On Friday, 26 February, Year 7 students from Hume Anglican Grammar competed in a volleyball competition against other schools in the region. We were lucky enough to have both a male and female team enter and there was a lot of interest to get on the team. Students showed dedication as they attended after-school training sessions and listened attentively to improve their skills. The last training session was full of laughing and cheering as Daniel, Year 11 and Marcus, Year 9, jumped in to play a game with us too. Daniel and Marcus attended game day and I am so proud of the leadership and support both boys displayed in coaching the teams.

Although the teams did not make it to the next round, all students exhibited great teamwork and determination. Students were calm under pressure and they demonstrated that ‘practice makes progress’. When exhaustion kicked in, students rallied around each other to keep the energy high. I am so honoured to have spent time with the players and assistant coaches and it certainly made a day I will never forget. Below are a couple of student reflections on the competition.

This was one of the most unexpected tag-alongs my brother Marcus and I have ever done! It all started when Mrs Gurney invited us to train with the Year 7 students after school. We find volleyball very fun, so we didn't hesitate to jump in. We started to coach them and give them tips on how to develop their game. The students improved a lot and Mrs Gurney asked if we could be assistant coaches for the game day where students played against other schools in the region.

I coached the girls’ team and my brother coached the boys’ team. The girls struggled a bit at the start but they soon picked up strategies very quickly and their willpower was exceptional. They really improved so much and by the end of the day, they were playing like champs. They won 1/5 of their games. The boys had amazing sportsmanship and fantastic team work. They won 2/4 of their games. At the end of the day, even though we didn't make it to the finals, everyone had a lot of fun and the day was a blast. With barely any voice left from all of the cheering, we all returned to school exhausted but proud of ourselves!  Daniel (Year 11).

Hi, my name is Bruq and on Friday, 26 February the Year 7s and I went to RMIT in Bundoora to compete against other schools in volleyball. We had a girls’ team and a boys’ team. We were very lucky that we got Marcus in Year 9 and Daniel in Year 11 to come along and support us. Our wonderful coach, Ms Gurney, cheered us on all the way.

We all played our hardest and tried our best. Unfortunately, both teams did not make it to the next round. However, we learnt to never give up. It’s not winning that matters - what matters is that you try your hardest. Thank you. Bruq, Year 7

​​​​​​​Rachel Gurney - Teacher