On Thursday, 4 March the Primary school welcomed over 40 parents to a volunteer session held in the Library. It was wonderful to again be speaking to volunteers face to face, something that has been missing for almost 12 months. For many, it was the first time they had had the opportunity to step foot in our refurbished library, which in itself, was cause for celebration. Ms Sheona Carter and I spoke to our volunteers about the contribution they can make and the ways in which they can support our students and teachers. There was certainly a buzz of excitement in the room as volunteers asked questions and discussed the importance and value of being a volunteer in the Primary school. I would like to share several of their responses to the question, ‘Why do you want to be a parent volunteer?’

  • To strengthen my relationship with the community
  • To show the children they are at the second safest place next to home
  • My parents weren’t able to volunteer when I went to school but I have the flexibility with my job to help out
  • To learn strategies to help my child at home with their learning

On behalf of our community, I wish to thank the volunteers that attended this session and look forward to seeing them helping and working with our students and staff throughout the year.

Luke Friend - Assistant Principal - Primary (Mt Ridley)