On Thursday, 25 February our Donnybrook campus held an induction for our new Senators. A total of 28 students were presented as class senators for Semester 1, receiving their certificate and badge and reciting the oath of office with pride.

Each senator was selected by both their peers and teachers, as a student who models exceptional behaviour and developing leadership qualities. Senators demonstrate the School values of Christian, Respect, Integrity, Resilience, Safety and Excellence in their interactions within the School community and their approach to learning.

This semester, our senators will have the opportunity to foster their leadership skills by promoting positive behaviours around the School, as well as being actively involved in events, discovery tours and special assemblies. Senators will also be encouraged to represent the students of their class by bringing their ideas and feedback to regular Senator meetings. Our first Senator meeting focused on ‘Inside Play’ and Senators were given the task of finding out what activities students in their class would like to have available to them during inclement weather.

Congratulations to our new senators. We look forward to the contribution our student leaders will make to the School community.  

Keshia Mitchell - Head of Student Wellbeing P - 2 (Donnybrook)