The new school year began on a note of expectancy and excitement especially for our Year 5 students….not 28 of them but 56 of them. Below are some reflections of our students both existing ones and the newcomers to our school.

We are back!

Monday, 1 February was the first day of Year 5s at Donnybrook. I was extremely excited to get back to school. As soon as I walked into the classroom everything was different; the chairs were blue and red instead of our regular grey ones and the tables were pretty awesome too. There was also a whiteboard table on which we could write or the teacher uses it to explain things to a small group of us. There are a number of new students in our classes. There are fourteen new students in 5X and fourteen new ones in 5Y. Twenty-eight new students added on! Wow! After five weeks at the campus we feel as though they have always been here.

We have adjusted pretty well to year 5, however it brings with it higher expectations, greater responsibilities and even better learning. Our Year 5 Homeroom teachers Mrs Lazarus and Ms Trounson do keep us busy and engaged. I am confident that at the end of the year, the entire year level will be better equipped to face the challenges of Year 6. - Ishaan

Three years at Hume Anglican Grammar, Donnybrook.

I have been at this school for the last three years. I faced challenges, however I always had a smile on my face. I love learning and my favourite subjects are Math and PE. I have made a lot of friends with the new students who have joined our amazing school. Whoever comes here has a blast! Everyone in my class is kind, encouraging and have made me smile often. The teachers here at Hume Anglican Grammar, Donnybrook are kind and they make learning fun. I love this school and look forward to spending many enjoyable years here. - Paramjodh

New to the school

As a new student, I feel very welcomed and comfortable at Hume Anglican Grammar, Donnybrook. Everyone is respectful and follow the School values. I have learned a lot and the learning in the classroom has been very useful to me. When I grow up I will use all the information that I have acquired in the classroom. The teachers are kind and the resources and materials are of good quality. As a new student I am enjoying my experience in Year 5. - Alisha

Build a Bridge!

As one of our classmates brought the black tub which was filled to the brim with planks, we rushed to get our hands on some planks to start building a bridge. The planks were like, Janga blocks but longer and thinner. Armaan and I started building a tower. I looked to the left and saw the first five students (one group) building a platform. They decided to add decoration, which wasted a lot of planks. The last group started copying us, I mean looked at what we had done and used the same idea. Well the first group that was building a platform did not get far. It came tumbling down! Once the groups realised we had to connect, to create a strong and firm bridge, we started working together. Then the building of the bridge took off pretty quick. It took a lot of team effort to make the bridge and it all went well. The bridge turned out great. There was also an amazing illusion; that the bridge was curved. Remember, you can’t bend the planks. That’s why the illusion was AMAZING. We were proud of our effort. - Abhijit

Jennifer Lazarus - Teacher