Visual Arts

Students have been thoroughly enjoying Visual Arts lessons this term in their new learning space. It has been overwhelmingly evident that the process of creating art is equally enjoyable, and sometimes more so, than completing a final piece. Being able to play and experiment with new materials and media is what makes the Visual Arts so stimulating and rewarding for students of all levels.

Some highlights include:

Prep classes focusing on the art elements of shape and colour. Students used carboard edges and paint to create interesting lines and shapes. They then used the primary colours to create a piece which was inspired by artist Piet Mondrian.

Many classes have begun the year working on self-portraits which is linked to learning taking place in Homerooms. Year 1 students drew a half self-portrait, using their own photograph as a guide to place their facial features in the right position. Students in Year 2 were highly engaged in the process of creating their own abstract painting patterns, which were then created into clothing items for their collage pieces. Ideas from the artist Paul Klee inspired Year 3 students to add colour and shape to the background of their work. Year 4 students used words to describe themselves which were then added onto their line portraits.

Students in Year 5 have been participating in a Steampunk construction unit. Drawing on ideas from 19th Century industrial machinery, they have been using a variety of recyclable materials along with metallic paints to construct their masterpieces. The students are looking forward to designing their own robot using ideas they have learnt so far.

A ‘Provocation Board’ has been set up in the Building A centre space. The question being asked this term is, ‘Who Dunnit?’ Students have been very curious as to which Donnybrook staff members have created different pieces of art on display. All answers will be revealed before the end of Term 1.

Performing Arts

Students have been loving their Performing Arts lessons this term with Mr Eugene Lazarus. By participating and engaging in the disciplines of Music, Drama, Dance and Singing, the children have been learning to develop their creative passions. The Performing Arts simultaneously teaches language and communication skills, which have helped the students communicate effectively with each other. Students have been learning about self-expression, exploring alternative options, and embracing individuality. This has brought out the best in each child.

Simon Davidson - Head of Learning - The Arts Primary