Swimming Carnival 2021

Our first live sporting event in just over 12 months would not disappoint as Secondary students gathered at Splash, Craigieburn to participate in our 2021 Swimming Carnival.

Competition would be red-hot from the first dive with students contending across a range of events to win points for their respective houses.

With participation at a high level, a number of ‘mini-competitions’ would pop up across the day as Alana O’Rourke and Tahlia Onley battled it out for supremacy in the 14y/o age group whilst Riley O’Rourke and Elmar Esho in the 16y/o division. Meanwhile, Sandra Zaya (Year 10) and Caitlin Travers (Year 11) would also put in dominating performances in the pool.

Our Year 12 students went head-to-head with a number of Staff in our annual ‘Staff vs Students Volleyball Match’ which this year saw the Staff reign supreme against their younger counterparts whilst a number of novelty events would round out the day.

With students gathering to hear the final results and a champion crowned, it would be the wolves of Ridley House announced as winners continuing their dominance in the pool once again.



905 Points



712 Points



653 Points



571 Points

You can check out some images from the event below.

  • A successful day at the pools for Ridley House
    A successful day at the pools for Ridley House