Dear Friends and Families,

‘When they had carried out everything that was written about Jesus, they took him down from the tree and laid him in a tomb. But God raised him from the dead’ [Acts 13:29-30].

Last Wednesday, 17 February was Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the time of Lent – a period of forty days before Easter (excluding Sundays). Christians have traditionally marked this time with fasting and penitence, where there is space for self-reflection and inward discernment, in preparation for the later specific time of remembering and celebrating both the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ (on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, respectively).

In Primary school chapel services this term, we are looking at the theme of trees in the Bible, and how so many important conversations and turning points occur either at, or with, trees.

For anyone who has driven into the School grounds on the main entrance driveway, you will no doubt have seen the looming wooden cross. For Christians, the cross, or what is solemnly described as “the tree” in the Bible reading above, is the centrepiece symbol of the faith, as that is where both God’s mercy and judgment collide in human form, in the most extraordinary act of love the world has ever known.

As we now move towards the second half of this busy term, I do hope that you will be able to use this time of Lent to reflect upon your own walk before God and consider the wonderful opportunity that is given to us afresh each day: to be renewed by the tree of life – the cross of Christ.

If you would like to speak further, or have questions about the Christian life, then do please contact me at: [email protected]

I also encourage you to pray the prayer for the week below.

If you would like to explore the certainty of Christ further, the two local Anglican churches listed below lead regular Sunday services.

St Peter’s, Craigieburn (meeting in the Chapel at Hume Anglican Grammar – 100 Mt Ridley Road, Mickleham)

Locum: Father Charles Potter

Mobile: 0468 331 549 / 03 9308 2452

Email: [email protected]

Redemption Anglican Church (meeting now at the Hume Tennis & Community Centre - 225 Marathon Blvd, Craigieburn)

Pastor: Rev. Akhil Gardner

Mobile: 0400 021 381

Email: [email protected]

Prayer for the week

O Lord,

who for our sake fasted forty days and forty nights:

give us grace,

that we may ever obey your godly will

in righteousness and holiness;

to your honour and glory,

one God, world without end.


Song (Man of Sorrows)

Reverend Peter Waterhouse - School Chaplain