Our Year 6 students are currently exploring the Central Idea ‘Electrical circuits power digital technologies which change the way we live’.  They have been exploring whether an energy source is sustainable, as well as features of electrical devices. 

Here are some student reflections on the year so far.

The first day of Year 6 was awesome. As I walked into my new classroom there were fireworks in my tummy because I was so excited. The first thing we did was getting to know each other. We played this fun game in which you had to move around and then talk about what you did in the holidays to the person next to you. We were then given our locks. I must say that getting used to these locks was quite a struggle. In the end, with lots of practice and resilience, we all learned to open our locks. Throughout the day it felt weird to be the oldest in Primary School. It was like we had to be very responsible and mature. The first day was amazing and so far, Grade 6 is like a dream come true. Aliya 6A 

At the start of Year 6, we were learning about sustainable energy sources. We have learned that solar, water and wind are examples of sustainable energy.  

We have also been learning about electric circuits, in particular how all of the features of an electric circuit work. During an experiment, each of us got a buzzer, a light bulb, a battery, alligator clips and a switch. We had to figure out how to connect each of them and turn the buzzer and the light bulb on at the same time. We learned that in order for the bulb to turn on, the circuit needed to be complete. 

After learning about the basics, we took apart some old electrical devices and looked at each of the components. We were amazed to find how many intricate parts there are inside common electrical devices that we use every day. It made us realise just how complex these devices are. Remon 6B 

Starting Year 6 was quite nerve-wrecking. Walking into the classroom and thinking it would be a dark, black and white room where all kids were extremely depressed as they failed the final exam was quite scary. I saw my teacher and all these learning posters about something called 'T.E.E.L'. Everyone was talking about how tough it would be. One kid found a sticky note under his desk saying: “If you find this, you will fail the final exam.”, and started freaking out. All in all, the majority of us was in a hectic panic. But all in all, everyone was fresh and ready to start a new year. We sat down at desks next to all our friends, wondering what blunderingly huge pre-test we were going to get, and whether the score we would get would show up on our end of semester report. Our teacher (Mrs Waring) came in and welcomed us to Year 6. We paid attention to the teacher listening to the things she said we had to do that day. As soon as she mentioned lockers the whole class went wild! So much for the fear of Grade 6. 

Since that very first day, we have learnt about angles and have put together electrical circuits. We have taken apart electrical appliances and are reading the book 'Wonder'.  

There are many things we are going to do throughout the year, and one of the things I’m looking forward to, is camp, which will be in Canberra. I am also looking forward to doing the electrical circuits project, where we will make a turbine of some sort. 

Year 6 is going to be quite an experience, I can tell. And I can’t wait to see how the year will turn out for me. Neal 6C ​​​​​​​

Matthew Brady - Head of Learning - Numeracy