2021 Dux Yusuf Ibrahim

Our recent Secondary Assembly on Friday, 19 February would see the return of 2020 School Dux Yusuf Ibrahim to Hume Anglican Grammar where he would speak to students about his recent VCE experiences.

The annual tradition of welcoming back our School Dux each year to address our Secondary cohort provides our students with an opportunity to both reflect on the year past and look forward to the journey that lays ahead.

This year would be no different as we were honoured to invite 2020 Dux Yusuf Ibrahim to address students at our Secondary Assembly on Friday, 19 February.

Yusuf's 13 year school journey would end with an ATAR score of 96.65 and entry into his preferred Engineering course at RMIT University. Yusuf would go on to address his future along with his VCE experiences when speaking to students.

The importance of this tradition and its impact on Yusuf's peers is reflected on by Ms. Penelope Monger - Assistant Principal Secondary: "Yusuf's achievements in 2020 serve as inspiration to current students not only about the effort required to reach their academic potential during the VCE years, but the great reward and opportunity that come as a result of such effort." states Penelope.

Whilst Yusuf's endeavours at our school concluded last year - both he and the entire graduating Class of 2020 will remain connected with our school community as a member of our Grammarians, with regular events and class reunions already planned for the future!

To read more about our Grammarians Program click HERE.

Yusuf Ibrahim - 2020 Dux​​​​​​​