It has been wonderful to welcome all our students back onsite for the 2021 academic school year. It has been great to see the way our students have settled into the routine of school life and engaged in their classes with enthusiasm.

Students are currently wearing their summer uniform and it has been great to see so many students wearing the uniform correctly and with pride. It is important that our uniform is always worn correctly, and I remind students that rain jackets are not to be worn to and from school unless the weather is inclement.

I also encourage all our community to pay strict adherence to the starting times for the day. Students should aim to be on campus by 8:40am. This will enable them time to get to their locker, take what they need for the first two periods and arrive at Homeroom by 8:45am. Being punctual helps set students up for the day and allows them time to settle into Homeroom where they can socialise with their peers and hear important daily announcements.

Our Co-curricular program has commenced in earnest and as I write this piece, I can see many sporting team trials taking place upon the over and on the basketball courts. Being part of a Co-curricular activity is a great way to enhance interests, meet new friends and pursue areas of passion. Our Co-curricular program is extensive and caters for a wide variety of needs and interest, so I encourage all of our students to take part in one of the many activities on offer as part of the Co-curricular program.

We are all looking forward to a great year.

Robert Tassoni​​​​​​​ - Deputy Principal