A reminder that the Primary Reports for Semester 2, 2020 will be available to parents via the Parent Access Module (PAM) at 4.00pm on Wednesday, 9 December.

Curriculum Committee – Primary 2020

I would like thank all our Primary Heads of Learning, Simon Davidson (The Arts), James Corbin (Humanities/Science/Technology), Nicola Connelly (Languages), Matthew Brady (Numeracy), Nicole Morton (Personal and Physical Development) as well as Jade Rhodes (Learning Enhancement Coordinator). These leading teachers make up the Curriculum Committee – Primary, and have made significant contributions to teaching and learning across both the Donnybrook and Mt Ridley primary schools. They are fine role models and to be thanked for their curriculum leadership and support of our students and staff. 

The Curriculum Committee – Primary will look different in 2021, so it is appropriate to acknowledge those who are departing. Our thanks and very best wishes go with James Corbin, as he leaves Hume Anglican Grammar to embrace new opportunities. We also thank Nicola Connelly as she relinquishes her curriculum leadership role at the end of the year. Both have made significant contributions in their 4 years on the Curriculum Committee.

Heads of Learning 2021

English – Helena Mallon

Humanities – Haley Buckley

Mathematics – Matthew Brady

Personal and Physical Development – Nicole Morton

Science and Technology – Sarah Price

The Arts – Simon Davidson

Coordinators 2021

Learning Enhancement – Jade Rhodes

Italian - Adele Arnese

May the spirit of the festive season be with you all. Best wishes for a very enjoyable and memorable holiday with family and friends.

Sheona Carter - Head of Curriculum - Primary