An integral part of Wellbeing in Primary is the camp program.

​​​​​​​The purpose of this program is to promote growth and independence in each of our students as well as to encourage positive risk-taking, resilience and perseverance. It is an opportunity for our students to explore, extend and enrich their learning and social and emotional development. Each year adds new challenges and experiences, and encourages our students to set new goals, develop new skills and create new personal achievements.

This year, as with all our other school experiences, the camp program had to change and adapt to the challenges we faced. We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve despite this and enjoyed celebrating the time with our students.

The camp experience begins with our Prep students and is normally a Teddy Bear Picnic held with their Year 6 Buddies. This year, we were able to re-invent this experience and the event was held on Zoom. Our Prep students were very excited to observe Mr Bill Sweeney appear with his very own teddy bear! Our Year 1 and Year 2 students celebrated the end of the year with a Day Camp. The experiences on the day included activities that promoted team building, communication and resilience.

Year 3 and 4 had the opportunity to travel together for an extended day camp to Alexandra Adventure Resort at the end of November. While missing the normal overnight component, the students had an amazing day and enjoyed supporting each other to try new experiences even though some of these seemed daunting. It was fantastic to see the way in which the students encouraged each other to keep on trying and cheered them no matter how far they went with meeting the challenge. Year 4 had the opportunity to lead within the activities and develop these skills which will hold them well as some of them have the opportunity to take on roles as our Junior Leaders. Year 3 enjoyed this first outdoor ed experience and are certainly looking forward even more to what they will do next year at Anglesea.

Year 5 and 6 each travelled this week for their own extended day camp experience. Year 6 to Anglesea and Year 5 to Creswick. The students enjoyed the day immensely, although not as warm a day as the Year 3 and 4 students enjoyed, their spirits were not dampened as they took part in a series of activities, set to challenge them physically, mentally and in some cases emotionally. Year 6 enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate one last day experience together before completing their Primary School journey. A day spent exploring the Anglesea River and Beach area included a special fish and chip style lunch. Students in both grades arrived back to school tired and weary and looking forward to a good night sleep!

Hume Anglican Grammar Primary School camps focus on peer group bonding and the excitement of being introduced to the great Australian outdoors, with plenty of opportunities for dynamic learning in a natural environment. On behalf of all of the Primary Wellbeing Team at the Mt Ridley Campus, we thank all of the people who helped ensure our students still experienced these amazing opportunities in 2020 and look forward to offering new challenges to our students in 2021.

Sarah Shatford - Head of Student Wellbeing (3 - 6)

Camp Experience