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Hume Anglican Grammar State Hockey Champions

On Friday, 18 August the Hume Anglican Grammar Senior Boys Hockey Team participated in the School Sport Victoria State Championships. 

The boys showcased exceptional performance, dominating possession and controlling the games.

Their first match was against Parkdale, and the team won 2-0 with their impressive display of skills and teamwork. Their next game was against Edenhope, where they won 5-1, continuing their winning streak.

In the third match, the team played against Notre Dame and won 3-2, proving their resilience and determination. The boys worked together, and their efforts paid off, making every goal count.

Finally, in the State Final, the Hume Anglican Grammar Senior Boys Hockey Team played against Chairo Christian College and won 4-1. The team's hard work and dedication paid off, and they emerged as champions.

We congratulate the team whose success is a result of their commitment and hard work throughout the season.