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During their studies on the refugee crisis, Year 8 students had the opportunity to meet with refugee Innocent Karabagega. 

It was an inspirational presentation that informed our students about the challenges that refugees experience. Innocent was very passionate as he shared his unique story and our students were highly engaged, asking many relevant questions regarding his personal encounter.

Students learned that Innocent was forced to flee his home country of Burundi, which is one of the poorest countries in the world and spent four months travelling on foot trying to find refuge. After finally making it to Kenya, Innocent spent the next two years in major refugee camps, transit and detention centres, hospitals and on the streets. He was granted a second chance at life when the United Nations granted him refugee status and put him on a plane to Australia.

Since then, he has completed an Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice, is now in his third year studying a Bachelor of Laws and working as a Student Ambassador at Victoria University in Melbourne.

Innocent's story was a powerful way for students to gain a deeper understanding of what refugees go through. Year 8 students Anureet Kaur and Anvi Prethesh have shared how meeting Innocent has impacted their perspective on refugee life.

“His first-hand account of the challenges he faced as a refugee has allowed us to empathize with their struggles on a much deeper level, and it helped change our perspectives on refugee life. It is important to remember that the brutal events that refugees survive are not just stories - they are real experiences that people like Innocent have lived through. The meeting with Innocent was truly eye-opening and he allowed us to understand the plight of refugees much more intimately. It is important for us as individuals and as a society to continue to educate ourselves on the struggles of refugees and to work towards a more just and compassionate world.