So far, student reaction to our 'Let Your Colours Shine!' program in Secondary has been a resounding thumbs-up.

From round-robin House volleyball, to detective work and a ‘crime scene’ replete with body outline on the floor, theatre sports, a visit to Splash in Craigieburn, excursion to Kinglake, Debating, creating short films, the Designer Chair Challenge and the Solar Buddy project, students have been revelling in the variety of sessions on offer.

Here is what some have had to say: 

'The Crime Scene activity was very exciting as we were able to experience some different problem-solving skills that would help us solve a case.' Vishal

'I really enjoyed theatre sports because I observed people being well out of their ‘comfort zone’, and I also made new friends along the way.' Athena

'I very much enjoyed working on the solar buddies and constructing them for children in Papua New Guinea. I liked this activity as it was for a good cause. Lighting up someone’s life is a big thing – a good thing. I particularly enjoyed writing a letter to one of the solar light recipients.' Jaismeen

'The House Volleyball was great as it enhanced team spirit and was a great way to be active after being in lockdown for so long. It also gave us the opportunity to enjoy time with our peers. The Solar Buddy project was also amazing, mostly because it was going towards a good cause and we were helping other kids around the world.' Tvisha

'I really enjoyed the Year 10 excursion to Kinglake as it allowed for a deeper understanding of leadership while also encouraging teamwork. By the end of the experience, I felt like my group was one unit as the day brought us together.' Tamanno

'Splash was a great reward to celebrate the completion of our exams and our efforts throughout this year. It was an opportunity to relax and have fun with friends. Thanks to the teachers who organised this event for us. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.' Tanvir

'Splash was an enjoyable experience. Countless people in Year 9 and others work constantly hard day and night so it was a great way for a break. It would be awesome to see more trips like this – a great refresher.'  Aditya

To borrow from Jaismeen’s comment above, the program has proven to be ‘a big thing – a good thing’.

Jennifer Johnstone - Head of Curriculum - Secondary

Year 7 Pool Excursion