Student of All Grades

2023 sees over 420 new students join the Hume Anglican Grammar Community.

The commencement of Term 1 2023 has seen many exciting mornings already take place, with both our new Year 7 students and new Prep students commencing their Secondary and Primary School journeys respectively, in addition to several new students across Years 1-6 and 8-12.

The yards at Hume Anglican Grammar saw lots of smiles, cuddles, and even some tears as parents sent their children off on new adventures and exciting new experiences began. We are pleased to report that all students have settled into class well.

This year marks an extra special moment and a new chapter added to the short history of our Donnybrook Campus with the commencement of our inaugural Year 7 cohort and its subsequent introduction to Secondary education. With a total of 140 students enrolled into Year 7 in 2023 and a further 140 students scheduled to commence as part of our 2024 intake, our Donnybrook Campus is well-positioned to remain as the leading provider of Secondary eductaion for families in Donnybrook, Kalkallo, Mickleham, Whittlesea, Mernda, Doreen and beyond.

2023 sees over 420 new students join our school and we take this opportunity to extend a warm Hume Anglican Grammar welcome to these students and their families.