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Teddy Bear Picnic

There's nothing quite like a picnic - especially a Teddy Bear's Picnic! And that's exactly what the Year 5 students and their Prep Buddies at our Mt Ridley campus had on Thursday, 29 February.

Throughout the course of the day, students participated in an incursion designed to strengthen teamwork and collaboration, and later took part a Teddy Bear Picnic for afternoon tea and fun-filled rotational activities. The event was a hit with everyone involved. But it wasn't just about having fun. 

The Buddy program in the Primary school has many positive outcomes of benefit to older and younger students alike. It provides opportunities for students to establish and strengthen relationships with other students, develop leadership skills, responsibility and respect.  And the Year 5 students certainly took their Buddy role seriously - you could see the care and attention they showed towards their Prep Buddies as they navigated the activities together.

It was a heart-warming event that set the foundation for some amazing supportive relationships moving forward. And to top it all off, the picnic ended with a wonderful storybook reading from none other than our Principal, Mr Sweeney and his bear, Teddy.