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Staff Honour Board

Hume Grammar Staff Directory

The following Honour Board recognises and acknowledges both past and present Staff members of Hume Anglican Grammar whom have completed 10 years of service at our school.


Current Milestones:

Hume Anglican Staff of Distinction - Femin Alias

Femin Alias:

Femin Alias has completed 10 years of outstanding service at Hume Anglican Grammar. With a major in Science and Technology, Femin has provided invaluable support in both the Science Laboratories for Year 7 to Year 12 (including VCE Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and more recently in the Technology faculty.  

Femin is currently the Science Laboratory Manager - a role in which she has responsibility for managing the daily operations of the Science Laboratories.  

Femin was involved in the setup of the original Science Laboratories for Hume and has also introduced a digital platform for risk assessment and chemical management.  

Femin is known as a friendly, quiet team player with a focus on safety and service. 

Congratulations on completing 10 years of dedicated and professional service. 


Hume Anglican Staff of Distinction - Brianna Metagesha

Brianna Metagesha:

Brianna Metagesha has completed a wonderful 10 years as a teacher at Hume Anglican Grammar. Brianna has taught multiple Year levels in the Primary school as a Homeroom teacher and has also taught specialist subjects including Visual and Performing Arts, Japanese, Health, RAVE and PE.  

Brianna held the position of Assistant Head of Student Wellbeing P-2 from 2016 – 2019 where she was instrumental in developing the P-2 wellbeing curriculum and camping program. Brianna also has a special interest in inquiry-based learning having worked in International Baccalaureate schools and her experience and knowledge is respected and valued amongst staff.  

Brianna’s recent initiative of introducing a Ballet club for Prep students as part of the cocurricular program is another example of Brianna’s passion and insight into the needs of Junior Primary students.  

Congratulations on completing 10 years of committed and professional service. 


Hume Anglican Staff of Distinction - Rochelle Rosendale

Rochelle Rosendale:

Rochelle Rosendale has completed 10 years of outstanding service as a teacher at Hume Anglican Grammar. Rochelle has taught Year 9 to Year 12 Humanities (predominantly Business Management and Legal Studies) and Year 11 English. She also introduced and continues to teach the Young Entrepreneurs subject at Year 9.  

Rochelle has held various leadership positions during her time at Hume including Subject Coordinator – Humanities, Head of Curriculum – Secondary and Careers Counsellor. As Head of Curriculum – Secondary, Rochelle led the Heads of Learning during a period that was crucial in laying solid foundations for the secondary school. 

Rochelle is passionate about our students’ future pathways and has been instrumental in expanding the Careers department. She has also played a significant part in Hume students winning four consecutive ‘Illuminate NextGen’ challenges.  

Congratulations on completing 10 years of passionate, dedicated, and professional service. 

Hume Anglican Staff of Distinction - Tania Sam


Tania Sam:

Tania Sam began her professional relationship with Hume Anglican Grammar as a Casual Relief teacher in 2013 where she taught across both the Primary and Secondary schools and completed fixed term contracts as a Homeroom teacher. It was during this time that her passion for The Arts became evident.

Tania accepted a full-time ongoing position in 2019 and soon after moved into a specialist role as a Visual Arts Teacher. Tania has had a significant impact in this role and has succeeded in raising the profile of The Arts in the Primary school. In 2022 Tania was appointed as The Arts subject Coordinator and this year organised and led the inaugural Primary Arts exhibition show casing visual art pieces created by all primary students.

In addition to Tania’s work in leading The Arts curriculum, Tania has also played a significant role in both Primary and Secondary school productions, Assistant Producing the Lion King Junior, managing Props, costumes and make up and with the Secondary production, The Addams Family as lead costume designer and audio-visual operator.

We congratulate Tania on her 10 years’ service and thank her for her outstanding contribution.

Year of Commencement:

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