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Hume Anglican Student Achievements Board

Hume Anglican Grammar recognises that all students are capable of displaying leadership skills. In the Primary school, leadership is nurtured, encouraged and valued.

The focus of student leadership is to develop strong communication skills, the ability to listen and compromise with others, personal time management and to make considered, reflected and reviewed decisions. More importantly, to understand and demonstrate that leadership is a service to others and more about doing, rather than receiving. It is recognised that the qualities of leaders need to be modelled by significant others (teachers, older students and other members of the wider community), explicitly scaffolded and given the opportunity to be demonstrated by the students and nurtured during the students’ Primary school journey.

Informal leadership roles and opportunities for all students are constantly available. Students are encouraged to explore and promote the qualities of leadership in everyday situations, in the Homeroom, specialist classes, the playground and during special events and activities.

It is expected that student leaders should set an example in the manner in which they:

  • Interact with and support others
  • Support and model the Hume Anglican Grammar School Values
  • Make decisions
  • Communicate clearly
  • Are proactive in initiating action in the service of others
  • Contribute to creating a positive learning and social environment
  • Present themselves in a manner that reflects a pride in themselves and their school
  • Actively involving themselves in the life of the Primary School

It is my pleasure to introduce our 2024 Primary Captains and Vice-Captains.

Primary Captains:

Samaira (Nikki) Bhatia
Nikki has been a student in the Primary school since 2018 when she joined us in Prep. She nominated herself for Primary Captain to give herself an opportunity to demonstrate her strengths and talents. Nikki wishes to be a role model for her fellow students and show responsibility and commitment and uphold the vales of our school. Nikki would like to demonstrate all traits of a good, kind, disciplined and respectful member of our community and is always willing to help other students and promote harmony and resilience.

Vihaan Kaushik
Vihaan joined the Primary school as a Prep student in 2018. Vihaan has many personal attributes that hold him in good stead to successfully fulfil the requirements of a Primary Captain. He remains calm under pressure, has a positive attitude and is a very confident public speaker. As Primary Captain, Vihaan wants to create a positive learning environment by reinforcing and upholding our school values. He respects the diversity of all cultures and is looking forward to making a difference.

Vice Captains:

Alycia Hellebuyck
Alycia joined the Primary school as a Prep student in 2018. Alycia wants to help every student to let their colours shine by encouraging others and leading by example. Alycia intends to contribute as Primary Vice Captain by listening to students and representing them at student leadership meetings. She likes to help by speaking up for others and she would like to make everyone feel happy.

Amitaj Singh
Amitaj joined the Primary school as a Prep student in 2018. As Primary Vice Captain, Amitaj wants to contribute to our school by attending Discovery Tours and representing the Primary school within our community. He wants to learn more about responsibility as he believes this will help him throughout his education and beyond. Amitaj is passionate about the environment and is eager to introduce greater sustainability measures to become more eco-friendly.

On behalf of our community, I congratulate our Primary Captains and Vice Captains and wish them well as they begin their leadership role.